Showing my Gal Pals San Diego

My best friend Nadia is visiting from Seattle this week. While she is here my friend Cali and I have been trying to show her all of our favorite spots. Today we hit North Park,  Downtown, and Sunset Cliffs.  To start of the day we grabbed a coffee from Communal Coffee, this has to be one of the cutest coffee shops I have ever stepped in. Understandably it was packed with people but we enjoyed looking at all of the cute decor while waiting to order. We then headed to Pigment, my absolute favorite store filled I wanted to buy everything. We checked out some other cute stores in the area while walking around Hunter and Gather was amazing and had a great selection of vintage clothing. Of course we had to get more coffee so we stopped at Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, below is a picture posted of the coffee with a sweet donut. The coffee itself was great but the donut was even better. Our next destination was downtown and of course we found a parking spot in front of Urban Outfitters so we had to stop by. To end our day we watched the sunset at Sunset Cliffs before heading back home.


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