If you are interested in inspirational Ted Talks I highly recommend this one. It is very intriguing as a whole and her ideas on mass food production are very intresting. I have never seen a display quite like Louise Fresco’s We Need to Feed the World and I really really liked it! She starts off by asking the audience to exam two pieces of bread. She displays the ingredients that go into a loaf of bread. The first loaf of bread is homemade and the second loaf is wonder bread which is very processed. The homemade bread looks much more appealing to not only me but most of the audience. Why the topic of bread is so important is because processed bread has become available to people all over the world and is cheap. More food availability means, production of large amounts of food, little work and low costs. Technology is the biggest reason as to why we have been able to make and trade abundances of food. If we did not have large production, food like bread would not be affordable to everyone around the world at such a low cost. Fresco does a great job explaining the good in mass production but does not fail to explain the problems that come with mass production. By explaining both sides of the spectrum she is able to explain that we need to create technology which can help with agriculture that does not harm the environment, and I completely agree.

Overall I really enjoyed this Ted Talk. I thought it was very informative and really got me thinking. Also enjoyed how creative she was in her ways of explaining her proposal. Everyone should give this a watch!


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