Protein Loaded Breakfast and 10 minute Tortellini


Eggs with Avocado is my favorite go to breakfast; I eat it about four times a week! Today I decided to saute’ some cherry tomatoes and add them to my meal. Typically I strongly dislike tomatoes, but they somehow taste much better cooked. I also had a jar of yogurt alongside my meal that was super yummy!  Yoplait just came out with a new French yogurt called Oui that is packaged in the cutest little jar. French yogurt is a little bit different than other yogurts: it’s thicker, creamier, and sweeter. All of the ingredients are poured into individual glass jars and then placed to set and culture for approximately 8 hours. 


I was craving Italian around noonish decided to whip up my favorite tortellini called Buitoni. You can find this pasta at target! It is so easy to make. All you have to do is pour the package of pasta into a pot of boiling water and add 1 table spoon of olive oil. When they are all cooked and done, you can add toppings of your choosing. My favorite is goat cheese. Yum! I also decided to make a smoothie with this dish. I blended spinach, kale, frozen berries, and a cup of Trader Joe’s Dynamo with Calcium juice blend. I had about one cup of smoothie leftover so I poured it into a ziplock and placed it in the freezer. This is a great smoothie hack! The next day you can put that frozen smoothie right back into the blender add some juice and you are good to go!

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