The Secret Beauty Potion That You MUST Have!



Magical Water is what I like to call it! I have been using micellar water for about a year now. Micellar water is a cleanser that originally came from France and has been a skincare secret for about a century. It is the most thorough make up remover I have ever used and leaves my face feeling clean and moisturized. This product is so easy! I usually dab about a teaspoon on a cotton round and it cleans my entire face including waterproof mascara! If you have dry, sensitive skin like myself this product might be a good addition to your skin care routine.

10 Reasons why I LOVE Micellar Water

  1. It does not leave your skin feeling greasy like many other makeup removers or cleansers can do.
  2. My skin is left hydrated and clean.
  3. Micellar water is natural, it is free of alcohol and soap (it does not burn my eyes)
  4. The molecules used in this water are called Micelles, they dissolve dirt, sweat, makeup, and oil with out stripping your skin of it’s own natural moisture.
  5. It is actually affordable!!!
  6. You can use it on the go and it takes less than two minutes aka cutting your face wash time in half.
  7. Micellar water helps to improve breakouts by clearing sebum and other particles that can lead to breakouts.
  8. Travels super easy, they even make travel sized containers for carry-on luggage.
  9. It does not require water or a wash cloth
  10. Micellar water can help you to achieve clean glowing skin

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