Anxiety and the Winter Blues 

I think everyone struggles with a little bit of anxiety from time to time. The feeling when your heart has sunk into your stomach and you can barely catch your breath. You are overthinking every detail and continue to brew misery in your head. I know the feeling, but before I moved to Oregon it was occasional. Once I went to school my anxiety exceeded and made the winter months especially hard. This last winter I experienced some of the worst anxiety and depression I have ever dealt with. I literally had to go on medication so I could finish off the year. I’m still not totally sure what caused it, depressing weather, living in my sorority house, school in general, friends or boys. Really it was just a combination of everything. Over this last winter I became friends with a girl who had been struggling with similar issues and asked me how I dealt with it. I started to think about some things I do when I am feeling down or am struggling with anxiety. 

1. I go on a walk. I slip my running shoes on and I walk as far as I can. I look at houses and flowers and try to clear my mind.

2. I spend time with my friends. Not just any friends but my true friends the ones who want to see you succeed and be happy. Friends that actually CARE

3. I breath. Sometimes we all need to just breath. I find somewhere where I can be alone and I breath. I remind myself that everything is going to be okay. In the spectrum of things this anxiety I feel is so minesqual and the overthinking I’m doing is pointless.

4. Sometimes I cry. I cry when I need to let it out. Don’t be afraid to shed tears because keeping things inside only tears you apart.

5. I take a nap. I get in bed and i pass tf out 

Don’t be afraid to speak out about your anxiety or however you are feeling. I always have to remind myself that every problem has an expiration date. Things will work out. Think positive thoughts and positive things will happen… that goes for negative too. Most importantly spread love say I love you and be the best friend that you can be. You’ll realize that you are not the only one 💗


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